Corporate philosophy

People oriented, integrity proud, striving for excellence The story of Huaxiang started in 1988 when the company was established by Liu Renjia in Beijing, China. For now it is one of China’s leading vacuum resistance furnace manufacturer. Huaxiang provides each employee a reasonable, competitive salary and welfare system, as well as good training, benefits, insurance mechanisms. We welcome more competent candidates to join us and grow with the fast growing company to make contributions to the development of China heat treatment industry.

Our value

Gather China elite to expand Huaxiang business

Our mission

Innovation, persistence, pragmatism, leads the development of industry

Our goal

Advanced technology, excellent quality, perfect management, efficient service and respectful reputation

Our business objective

Pursue quality, people-oriented, integrity and satisfy customers

Our idea

professionalism, integrity, pragmatism, innovation and excellence

Our responsibility

Healthy growth of our employees, good benefits of our company and quality experience of our users

Quality policy

Full participation, excellence, honesty and excellence

Quality objectives

First-time acceptance rate of product reaches 96%, customer satisfaction reaches 96%

General Manager words
Colleagues and friends:
On behalf of Beijing Huaxiang Electrical Furnace Technology Co., Ltd., I would like to express my earnest thanks to you for your joining or supporting.
Since the founding of Huaxiang in February 1988, we have been adhering to the principle of science and technology. In the past 30 years, the products have gone through the development process from nothing to fine, from fine to excellent. Huaxiang people have built up half the sky for China's vacuum furnace industry in a spirit of persistence and pragmatism. Practical research, realistic production, down to earth inspection, real rectification, honestly return to zero, step by step innovation, persevering in business, this is our company code of behavior.
In these years, we have achieved certain achievements in the guiding principles of "constantly improving technology, quality, market and service ". We have established a good prestige in the industry. "Do not forget the beginning of your heart ". As Huaxiang people, we must adhere to a struggle with the beginning heart, at any time to work hard to create.
For following the pace of enterprise development, for the healthy and growth of enterprises and employees, our management will gradually upgrade to create first-class products, first-class brand, and more professional management. "Employee manual" is the first step for us to upgrade. I expected that all the staff will learn and understand the human care of the enterprise and behave themselves strictly according to the regulations of the company. Let us continue to follow the spirit of diligence and dedication, innovation and flourishing, to further realize the management goal of Huaxiang, to build a highly efficient and passionate team; to a win-win platform for customers, individuals and companies; to achieve the goal of building a fine and strong brand enterprise; let us together! We will witness the success of our business and share the achievements with our team. We are full of confidence! By general manager: Du Limin December 2016