Post duties:

Technicians, sales reserve;


1. with professional or above education, mechanical and electrical specialties;

2. have strong ability of mechanical drawing, basic ability of electrical drawing.

3. proficient in the use of Word, Excel, mastering mechanical drawing, electrical drawing software;

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Mechanical Engineer

Post duties:

1. responsible for the mechanical design of various vacuum furnaces independently according to the technical agreement.
2. responsible for the design of the overall plan in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
3. independently carry out the research and development design of new equipment and all kinds of research.
4. responsible for the standardization, modularization and serialization of the designed parts and components.
5. responsible for the technical support of on-site production and equipment commissioning.
6. pre sales technical support with sales.
7. participate in pre sales training.


1. bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering. More than 2-3 years experience in mechanical design. Independent mature vacuum furnace / vacuum / industrial furnace design experience is preferred, and well understood of heat treatment process and thermal engineering.

2. skilled use of SolidWorks for mechanical drawings design; skillfully using Microsoft Office software for document operation, and the use of Autocad for design;

3. positive and enterprising, good stability, willing to cooperate, good at communication;

4. work conscientiously, carefully, strong executive, and have a spirit for excellence.

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Electrical Engineer

Post duties:

1, complete the electrical automation design and programming and debugging of the product technical scheme.

2, providing technical support for other departments;

3, help installing and wiring of the electric control cabinet;

4, help to complete the on-site installation and debugging of the product.


1, 25-45 years old, bachelor degree or above;

2. graduated from mechanical electronics, automation control (PLC) or related major, and more than 1-3 years experience in mechanical and electrical design.

3. can independently complete the electrical automation design and programming of the product, and be familiar with the distribution of the material in the automation system.

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Sales Engineer

Post duties:

1, responsible for the sale of the vacuum furnace;

2, responsible for the target customers of the industry market to make a breakthrough and carry out the market development.

4, responsible for collecting, analyzing, sorting, filing customer needs, competitors and other market information;

5, responsible for the customer's business contact, consultation and relationship maintenance;

6. responsible for the decomposition and implementation of the sales plan and tracking and evaluating.

8, responsible for the normal class, attention and suspicious adverse class collection of accounts receivable, and assist the debt collection work;

9. Responsible for brand and price management and coordinating business conflict.


1. has good ability of language expression and quick thinking.

2. has a cheerful personality, good interpersonal coordination and communication; good teamwork spirit;

3. marketing major, metal heat treatment specialty, mechanical specialty, electronic specialty, etc. Those with special advantages can relax the requirements properly.

4, age is 25-35 years old, men and women are not limited. Those with special advantages can relax the requirements properly.

5, educational requirements: college or above.

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