APP training of Ali DingTalk



Combined with the company's development strategy, to further improve the office efficiency, in order to improve the work efficiency, the company launched a DingTalk office floor work, after the early deployment, in November the company specially invited Dingtalk software deployment specialist for Dingtalk software training. By deploying the experts' narration, we learned the functions of DingTalk software, such as attendance, location, punch card, leave, check-in, daily newspaper, weekly newspaper, video conference, teleconference and so on. Through this training, the leaders of various departments also feel that the software can be convenient for our daily work and improve the efficiency of work. We have learned a lot of efficient ways of work, and we hope that each department will gradually implement the DingTalked in combination with the practice. By the end of the press release, 67 employees had successfully registered DingTalk APP, accounting for 95% of the total number of companies. In December, the studs have completed the debugging work in the background, and all departments should be combined with the trial. The Manpower Department will further follow up and use it in order to be officially opened in January 1, 2018.