Dormitory environment and safety



Since September, after two months, our company's dormitory renovation project has been completed. This is an important act that the company improves employee welfare in 2017, and does good deeds for staff and workers, which has been recognized by the majority of workers.

After the transformation, the company is invited to decorate the company for renovation, and to purchase a batch of furniture. At the same time, the company considered the problem of staff bath, and put into the special funds to install solar water heater. From inside to outside, we will make a thorough and thorough decoration for dormitories, give employees a clean and warm living environment, so that workers feel the warmth of home in accommodation, and solve the worries of the accommodation staff, so that employees can devote themselves to work.

Since the beginning of 2017, the company introduced the "Regulations on dormitory management" for the standard management of the dormitory. However, after the inspection of the company in November, the results of the inspection can not be ignored. During the inspection, we found that there was a phenomenon of using electric mattress, induction cooker and smoking in dormitories. In order to ensure the safety of employees' lives and property, the company made written administrative treatment for the first time to related personnel. All the staff at it. If again we found this phenomenon: as in the dormitory cooking, the use of fire, electromagnetic oven, electric blanket and high-power electrical appliances, smoking, cigarette butts and other violations of "dormitory regulations" behavior, the company will cancel qualification such as accommodation, causing losses to the company will be based on the "Employee Handbook" provisions of the corresponding disciplinary treatment plan.