Technology seminar
Technology seminar

Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment Technical Symposium in CASIC



Recently, China CASIC General Engineer Shen Weiwei went to Nanjing Chenguang Group to check and evaluate the annual work of heat treatment technology sub center, assembly and system integration technology sub center, and held a working conference.

Shen Weiwei listened to the report on the work of two technical sub centers in 2016 and visited the production site. Shen Weiwei affirmed the work organized by the company's heat treatment, assembly and system integrated technology sub center, emphasized again that the sub center should follow the direction of professional development, give full play to the supporting role of technology, and do well in the declaration of higher level subjects. At the same time, he hopes that we can play a better role in the technology sub center platform of our Group Company through the follow-up process innovation.

23 Aug 2016