Technology seminar
Technology seminar

CASIC and Harbin Institute of Technology welding technology exchange



In 13th Five-Year the beginning of the year, in the "Made in China 2025" background, welding major in CASIC as an important branch of aerospace equipment manufacturing, shouldering the task of reform and innovation. In order to better promote the professional development of welding technology group, Group Company welding center held the aerospace science and Industry -- Harbin Institute of Technology welding technology seminar. Branch 2, Branch 3, Branch 4, Branch 10 etc. of CASIC welding engineers and professors in Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenyang SIASUN technical backbones of more than 50 people participated in the exchange.

The communication will be divided into three parts: "invited theme report of the General Assembly", "the fourth group welding Papers Collection" and "welding technology research Tour". In the first topic, Harbin Welding Laboratory Director, Professor Chen Yanbin introduced the basic situation, welding laboratory research team and the achievements made in recent years, and for the laser welding technology frontier is discussed, Professor Yang Chunli introduced new ideas and new methods of ultrasonic arc hybrid welding, brazing technology and characteristics of Professor Cao Jian for difficult research ideas, innovation and other dissimilar materials were explained in simple terms. At the same time, Dr. Fan of SIASUN in Shenyang has also shown a new age of intelligence for all of us, and its manufacturing and processing ideas of robot intelligent production line are new and fresh. In the second theme, 9 excellent papers were selected from 30 papers of the fourth welding papers. The units made detailed explanations for different welding methods and different product applications, so as to enhance the communication between the development directions and research achievements of the group brothers. In the third theme, the welding sub center visited the State Key Laboratory of advanced welding, Harbin Institute of Technology, and made a deeper understanding of the development direction and equipment capability of welding specialty. At the same time, we went to the Harbin Institute of welding and the Harbin boiler plant, and discussed the problems encountered in the actual production process and the welding methods.