29th Heat Treating Society Conference & Exposition



The 29th Heat Treating Society Conference & Exposition in Columbus has brought to a successful close. The exhibition influence was remarkable with 2 intention clients, 1 potential employee, 6 intention providers, and 40 business cards. More and more customers and colleagues know and accept the Huaxiang, which fired the first shot of Huaxiang to enter the international market.

In the first half of 2017, with the steady growth of the global economy, the heat treatment industry benefited from mild external demand, stable political environment and industrial enterprises' profitability, showing the first time of "synchronous recovery" in the past seven years. The internal structure of China's manufacturing industry has also transformed from a labor-intensive and resource intensive traditional manufacturing industry to a knowledge-based new manufacturing industry. Huaxiang as high-tech enterprises have been well prepared to create new breakthrough.


From the early preparation to the exhibition, we experienced a lot of frustrations, and also summed up a lot of experience and lessons. First in first, Full preparations must be made before the exhibition. As we sign up directly with ASM, we must prepare for bookings, display boards, publicity materials, tables and chairs, candy gifts, travel plans, etc. It is suggested that we should prepare early, and list detailed product information, prepare progress schedule and update regularly, so as not to forget or make mistakes, we should also fully understand the company's products, components and related configurations, so as to avoid the situation of poor communication on the spot.

Analysis of customers and records, the exhibition site is complicated, try to leave every potential customer's contact way, and make a form ahead of time, remark each customer's name, position, country, contact way and purchase intention, it will help us to improve the later work efficiency.


The exhibition has achieved a successful success, making our vision more open and more advanced in information. Through this exhibition we collect many industry information, understand the products that many of the world's top counterparts are promoting, and make it clear the new trend of market development. We have also collected a lot of information on the suppliers of pump, graphite, fan and fan. It may do some help for us to reduce cost,increase benefits and upgrade our product in the future. After the exhibiton we are actively sorting out the relevant information to further advance the related business progress.