Fengning Bashang grassland



In order to enhance the team consciousness of employees, embody the humanized management of the company, implement employee care, let employees relax and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature. Every year, the company organizes tourism activities not only to embody the concerns of employees, but also to integrate teamwork spirit into activities. It is more important to create an atmosphere of solidarity, activity and progress for all employees

The activity time is scheduled for from July 14th to 16th in the pleasant Fengning Bashang grassland.

On the morning of 14, we set up the goods on the morning, just like the grasslands started. The beautiful scenery on the way excited us. After 5 hours' drive, we finally arrived at Wangfu mountain villa.

We took a little recuperation and changed our coat to custom suit made by company, and recorded the unforgettable moment.

Dinner's beginning! The day happened to catch up with the birthday of our two colleagues, Yang Zhimin and Zhao Yanping. The Ministry of human resources administration have already arranged for their birthday parties, all colleagues send birthday wishes and warm applause to them.They made their wishes in the birthday songs of all the colleagues.

After dinner, a bonfire and a barbecue were arranged, and some of us were responsible for the fire, and some were responsible for the roast. In order to entertain some colleagues, someone dedicate a song. We end our first day's journey with the singing and laughter of everyone and look forward to the second day activities.

The second day early in the morning and some colleagues climbed beside the hotel that we stayed in the hillside waiting for the sun rises, but weather is so bad, we could only see a little morning glow.

After breakfast, we started to ride horses. The scenery on horseback is quite beautiful.

After lunch, we took a snap. Then went to a playground and played carousel, bumper cars, kart, it feels as if it was a little bit back to the young ages.

We arranged a self-service barbecue for dinner.Come and see what we eat.

It was dark to return to the hotel. General manager Du temporarily arranged fireworks, and the gorgeous fireworks exploded in the air.

Early in the third day we set out to the Liushugou Scenic Area, where the scenery was picturesque and the air was fresh.

The Tour team activities not only ensure the safety of every employee, but also promote the harmony between colleagues while enjoying physical and mental activities. Tourism, in a short distance away from the city, and let the mind of the people in the nature to relax, let the thinking more open-minded.