Drucker's learning experience of eight basic management skills




I attended the Drucker management training class on 4-5 August. Although the two day learning process is rather hard, I learned a lot from my learning contents.


A humorous lecturer, a relaxed environment, targeted subjects and case interaction are highlights of this class, especially the case interaction effect is outstanding. It can not only objectively find out the shortcomings of one's own work, but also produce profound understanding and memory. The first day's learning focuses on management. Drucker's idea has great help to the Department's management and development, and has an auxiliary effect on the improvement of work efficiency. The second day's learning focuses on communication, which is what I'm interested in: the service department and the sales department are the external windows of the company. The communication between the service staff and users is very important, and the etiquette, skills and experience in communication play a decisive role. I have a deep understanding of the interactive mode of field teaching, which not only widens the breadth of my mind, but also improves the success rate of dealing with things. I not only want to learn, but also to find time in this department and even the whole company to popularize, so that more colleagues learn and benefit.

Thank you very much for your company to give us such a good learning opportunity, we hope to create more opportunities for learning (interested subject: performance, communication, etiquette and management etc.), let us grow up as soon as possible and give more power to the development of Huaxiang!


By Tangkai