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  • Strong customer service team

    Huaxiang established professional service engineer customer service team and large spare parts warehouse in many countries around the world, which ensures timely on-site service and remote support.

  • Mature customer service system

    During the warranty period or Huaxiang membership service period, we will continue monitoring the parameters of equipment remotely and regular on-site detection and maintenance, ensures the equipment working efficiency and stability, prolong the service life of the product.

  • Strict customer service management

    Response within 4 hours, 24 hours within 400 kilometers to the buyer's site, 48 hours free of charge to repair or replace parts. If the equipment fails during the warranty period, all the costs are borne by the seller.

  • Excellent customer service guarantee

    During the warranty period, our service engineers will develop a special maintenance plan according to the intensity, frequency of your equipment and local temperature and humidity, so as to achieve preventive maintenance. After the warranty period, our membership service will let you fully enjoy the equipment maintenance, maintenance and upgrade services.

  • Systematic customer training process

    After the assembly is completed, Huaxiang will send experienced engineers to demonstrate instructions of the equipment, and how to regularly maintain it, until you are satisfied.