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  • Ask 1.why choose Huaxiang?

    1. Strict Quality Inspection System
    Each part of the product must pass a series of complex quality inspection systems, so our equipment have been able to pass most of the quality standard around the world.

    2. Mature After-sales Service System
    Our team of experts has been distributed to many countries, which ensures the timely on-site service and remote support.

    3. Advanced Intelligent Control System
    The system can realize the vacuuming, nitrogen charging, heating and cooling automation, self diagnosis and alarm of faults, and the whole process display and record of temperature, time and vacuum.

    4. Professional R&D Team
    We have more than 10 patents on vacuum furnace R&D, and developed and produced the only internal heating multi-function nitriding vacuum furnace in the world. 

  • Ask 2.can the company test the work pieces first? Is it free?

    Yes, we will charge the cost after the test is successful, and the unconventional material will charge a certain amount regardless of whether the test is successful or not.

  • Ask 3.can the company be able to install and debug overseas?

    the company has an expert team all year long overseas to carry out equipment installation, debugging and maintenance.

  • Ask 4. product implementation standards and certification?

    implementation standards: AMS2750D (E) (American military standard) HB5354 GB5959 GB/T10066.1-2004 GB/T10067.1-2005 GB9425 JB8195-1999 and so on.
    Certification: ISO9001-2008; environmental certification; safety certification

  • Ask 5.how long is the warranty period for the equipment?

    generally, the seller's equipment is guaranteed for one year, the system is guaranteed for two years, and the warranty period starts from the date of the final acceptance report.

  • Ask 6.how long is the production cycle of the general furnace type?

    4-6 months