Package solutions
Package solutions

‘5M1E’ Turn key solution package

  • Personnel management
    Personnel management

    personnel's intelligent centralized control management, including the user of equipment, sales personnel, and our service training engineers, such as the use, training and related knowledge guidance.

  • Supporting facilities
    Supporting facilities

    equipped with main vacuum furnace and related peripherals, such as water cooler, ultrasonic cleaner, air compressor, nitrogen generator and welding platform.

  • Processing material
    Processing material

    the system analysis and experiment of the material to be processed, and the suggestion of the relative processing plan are given.

  • Guidance plan
    Guidance plan

    provide plan and technical guidance for the use of equipment, production process and equipment maintenance.

  • Green production
    Green production

    according to the workshop status, such as foundation, water and electricity location, environmental cleanliness, temperature and humidity, provide product space layout design to ensure energy saving and environmental protection in the process of equipment use.

  • System monitoring
    System monitoring

    Huxiang has set a systematic monitoring program for you to get the information of producing situation and relative responsible man from project start, product design, furnace pre-acceptance to after sales maintenance.